Race Timing Software

Race planning

In this mode, you name your categories, decide how many laps of the course (up to 9) per category and allocate bib number ranges for each category. You can use this module to maintain a library of race categories and types, and then select which categories will be in your race.

Athlete registration

Registration can be done directly into the system at a race site, or by uploading pre-entries from the TransitionZone online registration system or existing spreadsheets. This module will automatically allocate bib numbers, and print a wide range of start lists in different formats. The range of included reports is available (see Athlete Lists.pdf) and users also have the flexibility to design their own reports.

An example start list highlighted by Last Name can be seen here (Entry List.pdf). The system will also print athlete bag and bib labels. A sample showing 2 A5 size bib labels per page can be seen here (A5 Number Labels.pdf). If you are running a time-trial, this system will produce start lists based on a nominated interval between riders and categories.

You can use the registration module to maintain a library of every athlete who has ever raced with you, or a complete club or organisation membership, and then very quickly allocate bib numbers only to those who are racing on the day. You can also pre-allocate numbers for a season.

Race Modules

There are 3 main modules. A Time Trial module where each athlete is started individually. A multi-lap module which allows you to run events from 1 to 9 laps, where all athletes in a category (or the whole field) start together. A Triathlon Module which is a special case of a 3 lap race, but which shows much more detail in terms of split times and split sub-placings in the event.

Race results can be produced as progress results throughout the event, and as final results at the end. The results can be printed, saved as pdf files, exported as text files or exported as html files for web publishing. There are also special exports for results in formats which the Newspapers like and for auto uploading onto the website.

PDF documents are available showing sample results for a multilap race (multilap race.pdf), a triathlon by category (triathlon category.pdf), a triathlon overall (triathlon overall.pdf), and a text data export for or media (Media You can also produce podium result summaries for presentation ceremonies [Podium Places.pdf]. And yes, you can change the default medal graphics!

Big-screen display

During the race, the user can see the name and other details of the 15 most recent athletes to finish or transition, including their lap times. This can also be used to run big-screen displays for spectators. See example at left of a large display screen in use at a race.

This display also shows you how many laps they have to go, when they are on the "bell" lap, and when they have finished.

Figure 1. Big screen results display

Each of the race modules can output a file which can then be used by the series module to calculate series results for up to 20 races in a series. You can select whether all races count or only the best "X" race results for each athlete. You can assign points for race organisers and other helpers. You can assign points or time penalties or bonuses for each athlete in each race. You can cascade races within a series (so that Race 3 might be made up of 5 sub-races over a weekend, for example), and you can also assign different weightings to races within the series (so that the final race in a series might be worth double points, for example).

The series module can also load up data from other race results you might have in Excel or Text formats. A sample of a series race result can be seen here [Series Results.pdf].


The Race Timing Software is $150. An order form is available here.






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